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Brooks Timber CAD Homes is part of Brooks Post & Beam, a timberframe design and building company in Lyndeborough NH

To the left is a beautiful example of a timber frame home built by New England Timberframe LLC with the post and beam work done by Brooks Post and Beam Inc.

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About Timberframe Construction

Building a timberframe home is an environmentally responsible construction method because the timbers can be reused in the future to build a new building. Over time the timbers inherit a character, patina, and warmth that only time can provide. Using reclaimed timbers impart these qualities to the new building that can not be matched by contemporary building materials.

Can Brooks Post and Beam use reclaimed timbers? Absolutely!

We have a source for reclaimed timbers that we can procure. If you are looking at getting reclaimed timbers from an existing structure to reuse we can work with them.

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